One of the cutting edge techniques successfully used in dentistry, especially in implantology and oral surgery is the A-PRF technique.

A-PRF (Platelet Rich Fibrin Advanced),ie plasma enriched in platelet, is an advanced method through witch, by centrifuging the blood collected from the patient, are obtained healing membranes, membranes that will be used in surgical procedures in order to obtain the fast healing of the operated tissues. By using this advanced method, the soft tissue healing and the bone healing will be done in a much shorter time, because they are based on the patient’s blood, the body’s own resources.

Membranes obtained from A-PRF are used for:

  • surgery with dental implants
  • bone addition surgery
  • sinus lift surgery
  • dental extractions
  • the periodontitis treatment in flap surgery

A-PRF membranes and the resulting liquid can be used, in combination with bone grafts used in bone addition and implantology, to cause the fast bone healing and to fix the cells on the titanium surface of the dental implants. In dental extractions, A-PRF reduces and even eliminates post surgery pain, leads to that place’s healing since the very first days after the surgery, and regenerates the gums through the creation of new blood vessels. When the alveole’s size doesn’t allow lesion’s edges to unite perfectly, the A-PRF membrane obtained allows the re-epithelization of the area, thus making possible the edges’ unification.

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