We are a young and highly trained team that offers a full range of dental services to keep you healthy and smiling with confidence. Trust in Blue and choose Clinic 32 when it comes to your dental health.

Why 32? Because it is the number that represents a complete denture – we have 32 teeth, and we need each of them to be in good health.

Our clinics are right next to you, because we know how valuable your time is. Furthermore, you have everything in one place – intraoral and panoramic radiology, ultrasound surgery, Zeiss microscope, root canal fillings with 3D obturation, Downpack.

We take everything into consideration in order to make the 32 experience a more enjoyable one – you can make online appointments, pay either by credit card or in 6 interest free installments with Garanti Bonus Card, you can get reminders by SMS and we also provide parking spaces.

Clinic 32 is the ideal place for children as well, being equipped with a facility where experienced doctors are providing child-friendly treatment so children of all ages can feel comfortable.

We’ve been by your side over the past 10 years, offering high quality services, at the cutting edge international standards.



An ultra-modern dental clinic, equipped with cutting edge technology, where quality and complexity of services are the trademarks. Years of experience, dedication and passion have helped us create a relax, stress free environment in which our patients can benefit of all the services needed in order to recover, and maintain their perfect health and aesthetic dentistry. We keep an eye on all the current dental research developments, state-of-the-art technology and training courses.


It is addressed to those who are interested in experiencing professional full-packege dental services; people who appreciate state of the art technology handled by doctors that provide high standard certificated dental care. We are here to help our patients regardless of the procedure’s complexity degree, we are prepared for everything and we take into our consideration your time and your preferences.


Simple treatments (fillings, crowns, hygiene services, veneers, teeth whitening) are as much a key factor as complex cases (dental implants, sinus lift surgery, wisdom teeth extraction, flap surgery, gingivectomy, microscope dental treatments, periodontitis treatment) or children treatment (orthodontic braces, dental sealant). We are ready at any time, with the latest technology, to solve any type of dental health problem.


Our reputation for being firmly committed to offer quality services to anyone needing them has been built up over the past ten years.
We have a highly trained team, always ready to help you and reachable on any means of communication, by telephone, online or in real time at the clinic.
Our doctors are highly trained, having gained over 10 years of experience in this clinic.
We offer high standard services for children as well,we teach them and help them develop and maintain healthy teeth for a smiling and painless future.

  • Doctors with experience
  • Ten years experience in Romania
  • Treatment related arguments
  • Online booking
  • Chat online
  • Children’s Cabinet


  • oprita-florinFor me, the performance is inspiring, and during this journey, alongside 32 Clinic team, I continually improved the quality and aesthetics of my teeth. I am extremely pleased with the dentists’ expertise, the dental treatment’s effectiveness and results, the team‘s receptiveness to my requests, and especially with the importance they give to their work’s quality and aesthetics.

    Florin Oprita - Director - Commercial Banking, ING Bank Romania
  • ana-maria-raduThe 32 Clinic team have managed to completely remove all dental treatment fears of our entire family! We first visited dr. Mihnea Nica with my son (8 years old at the time) for a more delicate extraction, which happened to go so well that afterwards the whole family “subscribed” to the clinic services.

    Ana Maria Radu Saracu -
  • costea-zoia“Happiness can be seen on my face! Thanks for the perfect smile, Clinic 32! The youngest and the most professional team! ”




    COSTEA ZOIA - Star Matinal Reporter - Antena Stars
  • mihaela-subtiricaAt Clinica 32 I met a team formed of young people, extremely kind and very good at what they are doing. The clinic has a warm and friendly vibe, which makes you forget any fears you may have.From a technical point of view, everything is flawless: new high quality equipment and first class service that can satisfy even the most pretentious patient.A special thanks to Ms. Dr. Roxana Serb, an impeccable professional who has taken, with lots of attention and kindness, care of me.
    I would absolutely highly recommend Clinic 32!

    Mihaela Subtirica - Actress
  • bratu-doruExperienta mea la Clinica 32 a fost una foarte agreabila. Am avut parte de tratamente profesionale executate de specialisti competenti, iar rezultatele au fost uimitoare. Atmosfera este primitoare, iar personalul amabil si dispus sa rezolve orice problema cu promptitudine.

    Bratu Doru - Football player
  • Ionut-Farcas I benefited of clinic 32’s services for a dental implant and I was impressed by the professionalism of the entire team. I liked the fact that I have been presented withmany details before and after the implant procedure, which reassured me that I am in good hands.

    Ionut Farcas - Entrepreneur
  • Mamele-IulianCand ma gandesc la experientele pe care le-am avut la Clinica 32, in minte imi vine un singur cuvant – superlativ. Multumesc D-nei. Dr. Roxana Serb




    Mamele Iulian - Fotbalist
  • Grama-Brindusa” Diana managed to convince, from the very first visit, to” fix “everything that was not in order, even someone who did have a dental phobia like me. With a lot of patience, very skilled, explaining what is needed and why, she put me completely at ease and my smile was beginning to take shape once again.
    I would go there with pleasure every time, because everyone there is smiling ( it would be hard not to), because they have a central and beautifully arranged location, but also because no dentistry scent can be smelled in there. ”

    Grama Brindusa -
  • filip-alexandru I know that many people suffer from phobia of dentists. Even I had some reservations, but I took the plunge and I put the health before any fears. Totally unfounded fears of witch I was convinced since the very first visit to the clinic 32. I liked the environment and the professionalism of the people there. I recommend you Diana, who makes an excellent job. And I really appreciate the fact that they explain absolutely everything. It makes you wish to have their job, but we should better let the professionals do their job!

    Filip Alexandru - Tourism Specialist
  • andreea-carsteaFor us, artists, it is very important to look and feel healthy. My dentures look great thanks to Mrs. Dr. SimonaMitroi, who has been my doctor for the last 3 years. Always delivering a pain free experience, first class work and great-looking teeth.
    We are extremely delighted with the Clinic 32’s services.

    Andreea Carstea - Artist
  • Mazilu-PetrePersonally, I was and I continue being very pleased with the Clinic 32 services, their punctuality, the way they address to patients, their high quality materials and work. The staff is very friendly, keen listeners and very courteous.
    These characteristics led me to recommend Clinic 32 to many people who enjoy its outstanding service.

    Mazilu Petre - Owner General MPM Impex, instalatii retele gaze
  • The services of the Clinic 32 changed my perception about going to the dentist. From a stressful activity, has become a relaxing and a quite beneficial to my health one. Diana and the doctors there are very welcoming and they always have chosen the best solution for my treatments. ”

    Tudor Iacob - Entrepreneur

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Clinic 32 is equipped with all the cutting edge technology required to find solutions for all your dental problems.

Here are some of our high tech materials:

  • Sterilization – humid sterilizer (MELAG autoclave, Germany) which prints the results, it is very safe and provides high accurate sterilization parameters
  • High tech seats (that enables the programming of different types of treatment)
  • Ultrasonic Surgical Devices
  • Light Tooth Whitening System
  • Digital Radiography


  • vezi detalii


    Dr. Razvan BOBERIS

  • vezi detalii


    Dr. Ramona HIRBU

  • vezi detalii


    Dr. Simona BOBERIS

  • vezi detalii


    Dr Roxana SERB

  • vezi detalii


    Dr. Mihnea NICA

  • vezi detalii


    Dr Denisa ZAHARIA

  • vezi detalii


    Dr Mircea GEORGESCU

  • vezi detalii


    Dr. Ana Taban

  • vezi detalii


    Dr. Diana STOICA

  • vezi detalii


    Dr. Valentin Popescu

  • Manager

    Alexandru Modoran

  • Asist Manager

    Daniela Grigore

  • Asist Administrativ

    Alina Comnea

  • Asist Administrativ

    Elena Calintaru

  • Asistent

    Andreea Lungu

  • Asistent

    Carmen Piperea

  • Asistent

    Dana Tirtau

Dr. Razvan BOBERIS

o Absolvent UMF Carol Davila Bucuresti – 2003
o Medic dentist specialist – Universitatea de Medicina si Farmacie „Carol Davila” – 2006
o Studii complementare in implantologie orala – Universitatea de Medicina si Farmacie „Carol Davila” – 2006

Participare la cursuri si congrese internationale
o VI-th Symposium – Implants connected to nature – SRSD 2014
o Congres anual Megagen – pentru sistemul de implanturi Megagen, in Bangkok, Tailanda 2013
o Cursul Tehnici avansate de reconstructie osoasa si tratamente prin implanturi dentare, sustinut de Dr. Istvan Urban, profesor la UCLA Los Angeles -2012
o Congres anual Megagen – pentru sistemul de implanturi Megagen, in Seul, Coreea de Sud 2012
o Cursurile Concepte noi in Stomatologia Americana, Noutati inImplantologie si Reabilitare Orala, New York University College of Dentistry – 2011
o Intalnire anuala Ankylos – 25 de ani de succes in implantologie, in Viena, Austria 2011

Alte cursuri si evenimente
o Curs de implantologie pentru sistemul de implanturi ADIN, in Tel Aviv, Israel – 2009
o Congres anual de implantologie si integrarea biomaterialelor, Asociatia Europeana de Osteointegrare -2009
o Curs Managementul tesuturilor moi si dure in jurul implanturilor – Nurenberg, 2009
o Conferinta si curs practic Ankylos – Progres in implantologie – 2006


Dr Ramona HIRBU
Medic dentist specialist – Universitatea de Medicina si Farmacie “Carol Davila” -2006

Cursuri si congrese
o “Endodontics from A to Z”, Noiembrie 2013
o Medic specialist endodontie la microscop, 2012 – cursuri practice pentru tratamente de canal la microscop
o Reabilitarea estetico-functionala prin echilibrarea sistemului masticator- cursuri privind lucrari ample de reabilitare orala -2012
o Participare la Congresul International de Estetica Dentara, 2012
o Cursul cu tema “Retratament in endodontie”, Prof. Dr. Arnaldo Castellucci, Noiembrie 2012
o Cursul “10 years anniversary of the “Actualitati stomatologice” journal” Adverse Drug Interactions in Dentistry”, Iulie 2010


Medic dentist – Universitatea de Medicina si Farmacie „Carol Davila” – 2011

Cursuri si congrese
o Congresul International de Estetica Dentara, 2012
o Curs de perfectionare in parondontologie, sustinut de Prof. Dr. Andre Saadoun, specialista in parodontologie si tratamente de parodontoza – 2012

Dr Roxana SERB
Medic dentist – 2006

Cursuri si congrese
o Congresul International de Estetica Dentara, 2012
o Curs specializat de pedodontie, 2012
o Cursul Hands-on cu tema “Curs de estetica dentara” – Artistic Smile Design: Modificari faciale prin protezare provizorie, by Dr. Elliot Mechanic, Mai 2010
o Congresul International de Endodontie, 2009


Dr. Mihnea NICA
Medic dentist – UMF „Carol Davila” – 2011
Competenta in implantologie orala – 2012

Cursuri si congrese:
o Avantajele chirurgiei ultrasonice in chirurgia orala si implantologie, Aprilie 2013
o Estetica in implantologie si noile tendinte in regenerarea osoasa, Martie 2012


Medic specialist ortodont- Universitatea de Medicina si Farmacie „Carol Davila” -2006

Cursuri si congrese
o Full Face Course, Williams International Society of Orthodontics, 2013
o Abordarea contemporana a ortopediei dentofaciale, Prof Dr. Tiziano Bacetti, 2011
o Mecanica Ortodontica, Prof.Dr. Gerald Samson, 2011
o Systemized&Effective Orthodontic Care Dr. Richard McLaughlin, 2010
o Ortodontia Adultului – beneficii, riscuri, Dr. Colin Melrose, Dr John Scholey, 2010
o INCOGNITO Lingual Bracket system – Certification course Dr. Dirk Wiechmann, 2007
o Specializare in tratamente INVISALIGN, 2007


Medic specializat in ortodontie si ortopedie dentofaciala –Universitatea de Medicina si Farmacie „Carol Davila” – 2006

Cursuri si congrese
o Congresul international DGAZ, cea de-a opta editie – „Esthetics meets Orthodontics”, 2011
o Cursul „Controlul unui singur dinte al unei arcade si al tesuturilor moi utilizand micro-implanturi”, sustinut de Prof. Kee Joon Lee, 2011
o Tweed Study Course, Tucson, Arizona, 2010
o Instructor in cadrul cursurilor EDGWISE MODERN, sustinute de Prof. Andre Horn si Dragos Stanciu – 2010


Dr. Ana Taban
Medic dentist – Universitatea de Medicina si Farmacie „Carol Davila”- 2014


Dr. Diana STOICA
Medic dentist – Universitatea de Medicina si Farmacie „Carol Davila” -2014

Cursuri si congrese
o Cursul “Endodontie de la A la Z”, sustinut de Lector Peter Kiefner, 2014

Dr. Valentin Popescu
Medic dentist – Universitatea de Medicina si Farmacie „Carol Davila”- 2014


For Emergencies: (0751) 571 717 only in weekend and holidays.

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