Dental Implant Zimmer

Zimmer Metal Trabecular implant is the latest breakthrough in dental implantology, beeing the only three-dimensional structure implant (3D).

implant dentar zimmer
After having used for a decade the trabecular structure metal in orthopedics (in high stress areas, hip, knee), Zimmer introduces this revolution in technology and in dental implantology.

EIt is especially suitable for use in patients at high risk, such as::

  • patients who have suffered myocardial infarction
  • patients with an advanced form of periodontal disease
  • diabetic patients
  • patients with very soft bone (IV type)
  • patients who smoke excessively

Until recently, the solution for replacing one or more teeth was the dental bridges use, meaning the intervention on two healthy teeth as well. Today, due to the evolution of dentistry and due to the high technology available in the clinic we offer you the best solution when you lose one or more teeth, more precisely the dental implant.

The dental implant is a major surgery painless procedure through which the missing tooth’s root is replaced. Later, after the dental implant was inserted, on it will be mounted the crown of the tooth, making it possible for you to recover your smile. The teeth on dental implants behave identically as the natural teeth.
Dental implant procedure is atraumatic insertion (painless). It is performed under local anesthesia, making thus possible for the patient to feel no pain and cooperate with the doctor throughout the entire surgery.
The procedure of the dental implant insertion involves making an incision in the gum with a mill specific for the type of implant, place in witch the dental implant is inserted using a special key, and finally sewingthe gum.

After about 4 months in witch the integration of the dental implant in bone is realized (period varies from one patient to another and from one implant to another), process called osseointegration, the patient will present to the clinic to start the prosthetic work, the dental abutment and crown.

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