Are you tired of the instability of your denture? Does it move around while you eat or talk?
Are you tired of the different denture adhesives?

We are your solution. Come with your old denture and you”ll benefit from its optimization, via a quick technique of implant insertion and you”ll improve your comfort in one appointment.

Denture fixation by implants

The long awaited solution by the patients that lose patience with conventional dentures, which move around, slip annoyingly and have to be fixed with different adhesives. Today, you can put an end to all this with the dental implant.

The stabilization of an old denture by using implants is a quite widespread technique that yields spectacular results.

Numerous studies show that most seniors have problems with respect to the stability of their old denture, the main reason being the loss of bone volume, which leads to dissatisfaction, chiefly due to difficulty with chewing and speaking as a result of the denture’s lack of stability.

The implant-supported denture involve inserting a small number of implants (between 2 and 4), a technique which ensures significantly higher stability and comfort as compared to the existing conventional denture.

The benefits of this technique are numerous. It optimizes the daily functions (eating and speaking) helping you regain your self-confidence, it improves your appearance and last but not least you regain your smile.

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