The digital dentistry technique saves you from implant surgery traumas

  • The implant is perfectly placed in the bone
  • No cuts and sutures needed, no bleeding
  • Quick technique, just a single sitting


Have you considered a dental implant that does not require any cuts?

Clinica 32 offers you a large range of implants, and a team of surgery specialists, in a pleasant and more importantly sterile environment.

The cutting-edge technology available in the clinic due to European funds and the vast experience of the implantology doctors allows for a quick pain-free implant insertion procedure.

Depending on your medical and financial situation, a dental implant won’t cost more than it is necessary to regain your smile!

The benefits of this implant are the following:

  • No more fear of cuts.
  • The implant is perfectly placed in the bone.
  • The project of the implant position is made on computer.
  • The implant insertion guide is printed with a 3D printer.
  • It is inserted with a special placement kit using the guide.
  • No cuts and sutures needed, no bleeding.
  • Quick technique, just one sitting.
  • If the bone is in good health, a temporary tooth can be placed during surgery.
  • The price of a dental implant using the digital dentistry technique is of RON 3,000.
  • This price does not include the final abutment and crown.


Everyone can benefit from this technique, the only condition is that the addition of bone should not be required.