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I am a diabetic. Can I still have an implant?
Is a general anesthetic required for implant placement?
Is there a minimum age for implants?
Will the implant set off a metal detector, such as during an airport security inspection?
After implant placement: what should I do?

The reality today with the economic downturn is that traveling to another country including the cost of flights, Hotels and even the treatments themselves can be more affordable as just receiving the treatments domestically without the long periods between appointments.

To put it simply: Going abroad to receive Dental treatments at much more affordable price with the added feature of being in a vacation destination. And Bucharest, Romania is quickly becoming the must go to location for people looking at receiving the very best in all types of dentistry.

It is our goal to make your visit with us an extremely pleasant one and to send you home with a bright, beautiful, and healthy smile.

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