• Dental Implants Prices (EUR)
    Straumann Implant Roxolid SLA Switzerland 773
    Straumann Implant-Roxolid SLA Active – Switzerland 909
    Ankylos implant Friadent – Germany 636
    Zimmer implant – USA 636
    Zimmer TRABECULAR METAL implant – USA 1182
    Implanium Super Line implant – Korea 410
    Megagen Anyridge implant – Korea 500
    Alpha Bio implant – Israel 364
    Paltop implant – Israel 364
    INHALOSEDATION with nitrous oxide and oxygen 57
    Straumann anatomic Abutment 205
    Ankylos Regular Posterior abutment 205
    Ankylos Balance Anterior aesthetic abutment 296
    Ankylos Cercone zirconium abutment 341
    Zimmer Friction-fit abutment 160
    Implantium Super Line abutment 69
    Megagen Anyridge abutment 91
    Alpha Bio abutment 68
    Adin abutment 46
    Snap attachment for overdenture 114
    Locator abutment for overdenture 160

  • Esthetic dentistry Prices (EUR)
    Consultatie 23
    Composite filling 25
    Composite filling medium 34
    Composite filling big 41
    Composite filling complex 50
    Composite filling high aesthetic 57
    Belle Glass / composite inlay 103
    Internal bleaching / tooth 39
    In office opalescence bleaching / all teeth 171
    In office ZOOM2 bleaching 296
    Swarowsky strass 57
    Composite veneer 69
    Empress E-max veneer 296
    Lumineers no prep STYLE Veneer 523
    Snap on smile / 6 teeth 727
    Snap on smile / one arch 864

  • Dental crowns Price (EUR)
    Metal-ceramic crown on tooth 170
    Metal-ceramic crown on implant 205
    Zirconium crown on tooth 341
    Zirconium crown on implant 387
    Pressed ceramic EMAX crown on tooth 296
    Pressed ceramic EMAX crown on implant 341
    Fiber post 45
    Temporary crown 14
    Long-term temporary crown 27

  • Dentures Price (EUR)
    Post with ball attachment 66
    Partial denture 1-7 teeth 205
    Partial acrylic denture 8-14 teeth 250
    Total composite denture 296
    Total acrylic denture 296
    Cast metal and acrylic denture 410
    Custom chrome-acrylic denture 546
    Custom chrome-acrylic denture with 2 attachments 728
    Ancorvis denture 273
    Acrylic overdenture 341
    Custom chrome-acrylic overdenture 500
    Partial flexible denture 410

  • Oral surgery Price (EUR)
    Tooth extraction 28
    Third molar simple extraction 35
    Root rezection 50
    Implant extraction 91
    Extraction with bone addition* 103
    Semiimpacted third molar extraction 103
    Impacted third molar extraction 125
    Surgical disclosure of impacted tooth 450
    Apicectomy frontal tooth 114
    Apicectomy lateral tooth 125
    Molar apicectomy 137
    Cystectomy 114
    Sausage bone addition with titanium membrane 273
    Internal sinus lifting with bone 137
    External sinus lifting with implant insertion* 273
    External sinus lifting without implant insertion* 500
    Bone addition * 182
    A-PRF 114

    *bone and implant are not included in price

  • Radiology Price (EUR)
    Intraoral X-RAY 6
    Panoramic X-RAY 14
    Panoramic X-RAY film 14
    Cone Beam 3D Tomography for endo – one tooth 39
    Cone Beam 3D Tomography for one Quad 68
    Cone Beam 3D Tomography for maxilar and maxilary sinus 91
    Cone Beam 3D Tomography for mandibule and alveolar nerve 91

  • Periodontal treatments Price (EUR)
    Cleaning and brushing 44
    Cleaning, brushing and air flow 64
    Periodontal cleaning / one arch 57
    Air Flow 30
    Perio Flow 50
    Flap surgery with bone addition*/per tooth 41
    Flap surgery with bone addition*/per molar 80
    Soft tissue graft 171

    *price not include the bone graft

  • Orthodontic appliances Pret (EUR)
    Functional TRAINER 4KIDS MRC 227
    Removable appliance / per arch 273
    Breaker 341
    Fixed appliance with metal brackets / per arch 546
    Fixed appliance with Saphir brackets / per arch 773
    Fixed lingual appliance Incognito / per arch 2614
    Invisible appliance Invisalign LITE/ both arches 3068
    Invisible appliance Invisalign FULL/ both arches 3523
    Removable appliance consultation / per arch 16
    Fixed appliance consultation / per arch 19
    Fixed appliance consultation / both arches 32
    Impression and study models 27
    Fixed tray 69
    Removable appliance for contention 91
    Retainer/ribbond 91

  • Root canal Price (EUR)
    Root canal treatment and sealing for monoradiculars 48
    Root canal treatment and sealing for premolars 57
    Root canal treatment and sealing for molars 73
    Gangrene treatment and sealing for monoradiculars 57
    Gangrene treatment and sealing for premolars 68
    Gangrene treatment and sealing for molars 102
    Gangrene treatment with apical periodontits (extra appointment) 16
    Retreatment and sealing for monoradiculars 57
    Retreatment and sealing for premolars 68
    Retreatment and sealing for molars 102
    Endodontic microscope consultation 23
    Endodontic microscope root canal and 3D sealing for monoradiculars 96
    Endodontic microscope root canal and 3D sealing for premolars 114
    Endodontic microscope root canal and 3D sealing for molars 146
    Retreatment microscope root canal and 3D sealing for monoradiculars 114
    Retreatment microscope root canal and 3D sealing for premolars 137
    Retreatment microscope root canal and 3D sealing for molars 205

  • Pediatric treatments Price (EUR)
    Consultation 23
    Sealants for ditches and pits/tooth 23
    Sealants for first molars 23
    Temporary teeth obturation 23
    Temporary teeth treatment and sealing 37
    Temporary teeth gangrene treatment and sealing 48
    Temporary teeth Carbon/Metalic crown 43
    Temporary tooth extraction 18
    INHALOSEDATION with nitrous oxide and oxygen 57

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  • oprita-florinFor me, the performance is inspiring, and during this journey, alongside 32 Clinic team, I continually improved the quality and aesthetics of my teeth. I am extremely pleased with the dentists’ expertise, the dental treatment’s effectiveness and results, the team‘s receptiveness to my requests, and especially with the importance they give to their work’s quality and aesthetics.

    Florin Oprita - Director - Commercial Banking, ING Bank Romania
  • ana-maria-raduThe 32 Clinic team have managed to completely remove all dental treatment fears of our entire family! We first visited dr. Mihnea Nica with my son (8 years old at the time) for a more delicate extraction, which happened to go so well that afterwards the whole family “subscribed” to the clinic services.

    Ana Maria Radu Saracu -
  • costea-zoia“Happiness can be seen on my face! Thanks for the perfect smile, Clinic 32! The youngest and the most professional team! ”




    COSTEA ZOIA - Star Matinal Reporter - Antena Stars
  • mihaela-subtiricaAt Clinica 32 I met a team formed of young people, extremely kind and very good at what they are doing. The clinic has a warm and friendly vibe, which makes you forget any fears you may have.From a technical point of view, everything is flawless: new high quality equipment and first class service that can satisfy even the most pretentious patient.A special thanks to Ms. Dr. Roxana Serb, an impeccable professional who has taken, with lots of attention and kindness, care of me.
    I would absolutely highly recommend Clinic 32!

    Mihaela Subtirica - Actress
  • bratu-doruExperienta mea la Clinica 32 a fost una foarte agreabila. Am avut parte de tratamente profesionale executate de specialisti competenti, iar rezultatele au fost uimitoare. Atmosfera este primitoare, iar personalul amabil si dispus sa rezolve orice problema cu promptitudine.

    Bratu Doru - Football player
  • Ionut-Farcas I benefited of clinic 32’s services for a dental implant and I was impressed by the professionalism of the entire team. I liked the fact that I have been presented withmany details before and after the implant procedure, which reassured me that I am in good hands.

    Ionut Farcas - Entrepreneur
  • Mamele-IulianCand ma gandesc la experientele pe care le-am avut la Clinica 32, in minte imi vine un singur cuvant – superlativ. Multumesc D-nei. Dr. Roxana Serb




    Mamele Iulian - Fotbalist
  • Grama-Brindusa” Diana managed to convince, from the very first visit, to” fix “everything that was not in order, even someone who did have a dental phobia like me. With a lot of patience, very skilled, explaining what is needed and why, she put me completely at ease and my smile was beginning to take shape once again.
    I would go there with pleasure every time, because everyone there is smiling ( it would be hard not to), because they have a central and beautifully arranged location, but also because no dentistry scent can be smelled in there. ”

    Grama Brindusa -
  • filip-alexandru I know that many people suffer from phobia of dentists. Even I had some reservations, but I took the plunge and I put the health before any fears. Totally unfounded fears of witch I was convinced since the very first visit to the clinic 32. I liked the environment and the professionalism of the people there. I recommend you Diana, who makes an excellent job. And I really appreciate the fact that they explain absolutely everything. It makes you wish to have their job, but we should better let the professionals do their job!

    Filip Alexandru - Tourism Specialist
  • andreea-carsteaFor us, artists, it is very important to look and feel healthy. My dentures look great thanks to Mrs. Dr. SimonaMitroi, who has been my doctor for the last 3 years. Always delivering a pain free experience, first class work and great-looking teeth.
    We are extremely delighted with the Clinic 32’s services.

    Andreea Carstea - Artist
  • Mazilu-PetrePersonally, I was and I continue being very pleased with the Clinic 32 services, their punctuality, the way they address to patients, their high quality materials and work. The staff is very friendly, keen listeners and very courteous.
    These characteristics led me to recommend Clinic 32 to many people who enjoy its outstanding service.

    Mazilu Petre - Owner General MPM Impex, instalatii retele gaze
  • The services of the Clinic 32 changed my perception about going to the dentist. From a stressful activity, has become a relaxing and a quite beneficial to my health one. Diana and the doctors there are very welcoming and they always have chosen the best solution for my treatments. ”

    Tudor Iacob - Entrepreneur

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