At Clinic 32 you can benefit of retroalveolar and digital panoramic radiology, without wasting precious time.

Retroalveolar radiographies, for one tooth or a group of teeth, are digital or on film, and are made with a Kodak 2200 new camera that has exposure time between 0.10 and 0.60 seconds on film and digital 80% lower.

Panoramic radiographies for the entire dentistry are done using the latest device HYPERION MYRAY that has its lowest exposure time of 9.2 seconds for an adult standard radiograph. Radiographies can also be printed on the film with a thermal printer.

Morphological recognition technology ensure all parameters for a correct exposure depending on the size of the patient.

Detains the following advantages:

  • A stress-free experience- patient stays fixed, while three lasers detect the optimal position for the desired radiography. A scan takes 7.9 seconds for children and to 9.2 seconds for adults for a panoramic radiography.
  • The procedure is very safe, thanks to the lasers, the device positions itself alone around the patient. Each examination is customised and will not be redone because of the patient’s peculiarities .

  • 15 diagnostic programs including: standard panoramic radiographies for children and adults, lateral and frontal maxillary sinus, radiographies of TMJ lateral or anterior-posterior from multiple angles, a groups of teeth’ radiographies, when you an exaggerated vomit reflex and you can support stand the intraoral film.
  • 3DTS- surgical inspection of an 4x4cm area in order to correct insert the dental implants and their relations with neighbouring anatomical structures.

For Emergencies: (0751) 571 717 only in weekend and holidays.

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