Have you considered a root canal treatement?

32 Clinic awaits you with a team of specialists endodontists, in a pleasant and very sterilised environment.

Root canal treatment is necessary when a tooth is very sensitive to cold stimuli, sweet or when it hurts for a few minutes. This is infected by a carious injury that can expand and eventually lead to abscess. The purpose of the treatment is to remove the infection, then the root is cleaned and filled with a special resin to prevent any other infection

  • Root canal filling is done with a DOWN PACK machine using technique at high tempera and ensuring the filling of side and accessories canals as well. It is a 3D obturation. Most canal treatments will involve two or more visits to the dentist.

  • Besides the medical team’s experience and professionalism, achieving a high quality dental treatment requires the use of high quality equipment as well.

    At Clinic 32 a microscope manufactured by Carl Zeiss is being used, a last generation device that brings significant benefits:

    • additional root canals recognition
    • canals orifice entrance recognition
    • calcified canals recognition and treatment
    • incorrect canal treatments restoration
    • identification of root perforations and their sealing
    • visualisation and removal of broken needles inside canals
    • root fracture detection

  • After the root canal treatment, the specialist doctor will make the tooth more resistant by using fiberglass cones.The traditional metal crown-root cones have been replaced by fiberglass cones. These require a special cementation that is fast, and for the front teeth that are destroyed maximum aesthetic effects can be achieved.

    The advantages are:

    • there is no opaque material, the tooth is translucent and has a natural look;
    • for the post cementing it is used a tooth-coloured composite resin and thus the aesthetic results improve;
    • there are no black stripe that will aper on the gum;
    • there is no need for an additional dental impression meeting as for the metal ones, the tooth reconstruction being done in one session;
    • all the healthy tooth structure is preserved, the pivot having an armor role.

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