Have you considered whitening your teeth?

32 Clinic awaits you with a wide range of whitening procedures, with a team of specialists surgeons, in a pleasant and very sterilised environment.

The teeth whitening treatment is now one of the most requested cosmetic dentistry services, which demonstrates the growing importance that patients gives to a perfect smile. The degree of whitening, sustainability, efficiency varies with the whitening procedure used, the teeth’ stains types, whitening agent concentration and many other factors.

By far, the best, the fastest and most effective method of bleaching is the whitening with Zoom Advanced Power lamp.

ZOOM Treatment is indicated and supervised by a specialist and reduces to minimum the stress and the risks that teeth are exposed to, providing immediate real results.

The whitening require a prior scaling and professional brushing, for the teeth’ cleaning and preparation. The process involves applying a special gel whitening on teeth (hydrogen peroxide) which begins to react under ZOOM plasma lamplight, releasing oxygen that cleans the enamel teethe interior.

The time required for the whitening is very short, taking about 45 minutes and then the patient will have a slight sensitivity to the teeth for 24 hours. Sensitivity level increase if leaking fillings or teeth with cracks in the enamel.


Internal bleaching is used in the case of canal obturation teeth treatment (devitalized teeth) that were stained after the root canal treatment.

This procedure brings surprising aesthetic results at substantially lower costs than the Zoom whitening lamp, veneers, dental crowns..


Whitening trays is a four sessions treatment, the first of which consists in taking pictures, diagnoses and a dental impression at the clinic. The trays will be, based on the dental impression, customised for each patient and will keep in good contact the whitening gel with the teeth surface.
Thus, in the other 3 sessions at home, on consecutive days, the teeth will get a improvement in colour up to 8 shades. The trays, together with the whitening gel will be applied in the oral cavity and maintained for 4-6 hours.

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