Tips for the sinus lift surgery

a) Do not blow your nose.
b) Do not smoke.
c) Do not drink liquids with a straw.
d) Do not pull the lip to look at the sutures.
e) Sneeze with your mouth open so you do not create pressure on the sinus region.
f) Take prescribed medications.
g) Contact your doctor if granules appear in the nose or if the medication does not reduce the discomfort.

• The nutrition should be sone with soft foods and generally liquids: soup, puree, compote, pudding (at room temperature);
• Chewing should be performed on the opposite side of where the external sinus lift surgery was done;
• The mouth rinsing should be done the day after the surgery with mouthwash that contains chlorhexidine (ex. Corsodyl);
• Administration of analgesics for pain (Algocalmin, Ketorol, Paduden);
• Cold compresses application on the skin for swelling reduction;