Tips for the sinus lift surgery

a) Do not blow your nose. b) Do not smoke. c) Do not drink liquids with a straw. d) Do not pull the lip to look at the sutures. e) Sneeze with your mouth open so you do not create pressure on the sinus region. f) Take prescribed medications. g) Contact your doctor if granules […]

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Tips for tooth extraction

We recommend: The compresses should be held for 2 hours, then thrown away; The nutrition should be done with soft foods and generally liquid foods: soup, puree, compote, pudding (at room temperature); Chewing should be performed on the opposite side of region where the extraction was done. We do not recommend: Flush with water or […]

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Symptoms and post-surgery wisdom teeth recommendations

Possible symptoms: Local pain that may last up to 2-3 days; Swelling gets worse in the first 48 hours, afterwards returns to normal; Cheek bruises, if the extraction was heavier; Low-Grade Fever on the second day (38 degrees); Difficulty in opening the mouth and swallowing, which can last up to 5-6 days; Hypoesthesia or even […]

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How the ceramic restorations are maintained?

A) For the ceramic restoration, avoid the very hard foods(nut shells, bones, fruit pits); B) Sanitation is done in a normal way, adding the cleaning of the bridge with spacial wirle device. C) For veneers, avoid biting hard foods where the reconstruct facets are (eg. Fruit countries, toast, crunchy food, etc.). D) Avoid very hard […]

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Tips for the mobile dentures use and cleaning

a) The denture and teeth cleaning and brushing is done after each meal and before bed, even if not dined in the evening. b) The denture will be brushed with a nail brush, with soap and cold water. c) To prevent tartar deposits and tobacco stains is recommended, once a week, at night, the denture […]

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Tips for wearers of fixed orthodontic devices

a) After applying the device, a tension in the teeth feeling and even low intensity pain can appear and will disappear in a few days. If the intensity is higher, mild painkillers can be taken. If the pain is high, call us. The tension feeling will be felt after each device activation. b) Sanitation is […]

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Tips for mobile orthodontic appliances patients

a) After the application, there may be areas that cause discomfort (scratches, bites). This will be fixed in the cabinet in the same session. If discomfort persists, call us. b) Increase salivary secretion may occur, but it will go back to normal shortly. c) Initially the speech will be affected, but will go back to […]

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