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clinica 32 Dental Emergencies

Dental Emergencies - 0755165738

The dental clinic "Clinic 32" solve your emergency: dental caries, dental abscess, gum disease, tooth fracture

The main dental diseases that can cause toothache and that makes the patient seek emergently the dentist are: caries, dental abscesses, gum disease, tooth fracture.

Dental caries

The most common toothache is caused by tooth caries. These should always be treated in order to prevent the inflammation of the dental pulp (internal area of the tooth). Once the dental pulp is inflamed, the doctor will call, in most cases, the canal’s obturation or the tooth extraction.

You can tell right away whether there’s a dental cavity in the tooth if you detect sensitivity to sweet, hot or cold.

Dental abscess

On the other hand, if you experience stinging pain, swelling, bad breath and bitter taste in the mouth, it is time to call emergency dentist because you have a dental abscess.


If you experience bleeding gums and tooth movements, come immediately to the dentist. These are signs of periodontitis. Left untreated, periodontitis cause gingival pockets and ultimately tooth loss.

Always consult a dentist before the dental pain turns into a medical emergency.

Panoramic or retroalveolar radiography

If the panoramic or retroalveolar radiography are required, it will be done on the spot. If you do have an emergency situation, please contact us at any day, even on weekends and public holidays at the phone number 0755165738. Our dentists will determine the cause of the pain and will do everything necessary for you to regain your smile.

We’ve been by your side over the past 10 years, offering high quality services, at the cutting edge international standards.

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