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The surgery step

The surgery step is a painless stage due to the use of anesthesia or sedation methods. Sedation is recommended when the patient has a dentist phobia. If the sedation is used, we recommend the patient to come accompanied by someone, beacuse in the following hours, after the surgery, the patient will be a little dizzy and therefore not able to drive the car. During the surgery the following steps taken:


The prosthetic steps

The prosthetic step is the stage where the dental crown it will be done by our specialists doctors in dental prosthetic.


Surgical stage steps

  1. The bone is unrapped through the gum’s incision.
  2. After the bone has been unrapped the ridge is smoother if sharp.
  3. Position the template guide is positioned and the implant space in the bone is created.
  4. The space is widened for the implant placement.
  5. The bone is prepared for a thicker than necessary implant.
  6. The implant is insert with a handkey.
  7. The implant is placed at the bone level or 1 mm under the ridge.
  8. The covering screw is mounted.
  9. The gum suture will be made.
  10. One week after the surgery, the patient will return to the clinic for the suture removal.
  11. Following a waiting period of 3-6 months, during which the implant will integrate into the bone.

The prosthetic step

  1. After the waiting period of 3-6 months the implant is uncovered and a healing abutment is being placed.
  2. It takes 1-2 weeks for the gums to heal.
  3. The dental impression for the final crown is taken
  4. The final prosthetic abutment together with the dental crown are mounted.
  5. Dental implant warranty is valid as long as the patient follow the rules of oral hygiene and professional cleaning (scaling, brushing, airflow) every 6-12 months.

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