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clinica 32 Dental Inlays

Need a dental inlay?

32 Clinic awaits you with a wide range of inlays, with a team of specialists surgeons, in a pleasant and very sterilised environment.

Inlays are used when more facets of the tooth are affected. Basically, inlays are used to rebuilt the dental crowns so in the end the molars and premolars regain their function and aesthetics They are made in the lab, to suit a particular tooth and patient and it will take at least two sessions for their mounting. In the first session the tooth is prepared and a dental impression is taken. In the second session, after the inlay was prepared in the laboratory, the dentist will cement the inlay with a special cement. Inlays can be made of composite or ceramic, both of which can be natural teeth coloured or gold tooth. When choosing the type of inlay, the width and depth of the dental caries will be taken into account.


Composite inlay consists in the making of a composite structure. The composite is the material that replaced the amalgam and better satisfies the patients’ aesthetic demands.

Advantages of the composite inlay:

  • strength and durability due to the material’s composition
  • aesthetics: very good natural tooth mimic
  • can be further processed by the dentist

 Ceramic inlay is recommended when the damaged tooth surface is much smaller than the case of the composite inlay.

The advantages of this type of inlay are:

  • from an the aesthetic point of view, results are superior to the composite inlays and fillings
  • ceramic is similar to the human body, thus decreasing the risk of allergies
  • dourness and strength are much higher than in the composite’s case


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