Have you considered gingivoplasty?

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As its name suggests, by gingivoplasty the gum’s soft tissue is surgical remodelled for aesthetic or functional purpose.

The procedure is performed by a dental surgeon under local anaesthesia with a scalpel or with electrocautery.

By using electrocautery the coagulation and homeostasis are favoured (the bleeding is stopped) and the postoperative discomfort is minimal. The complete cure is in 14 days.

When the gingivectomy is indicated:

  • You have a gummy smile if, when you’re smiling, a big gum section is revealed and tooth crowns look short and unaesthetic. During this procedure, gums and the bone are recontured so more of the natural teeth can be exposed and thus, obtain a beautiful smile. It can be done for a single tooth or for an entire arch sector.

  • To increase the clinical crown length to improve the retention and the aesthetic harmony. It is done with the electrocautery. Compared with traditional surgical methods, this procedure does not use a scalpel and is suture free, and the final restoration dental impression is done in the same session. The coronary length augmentation is extremely important for whole resistance of the final restoration and ensure the health, comfort and correct functionality.

  • When a carious process appears below the gum line (root caries)

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