Wisdom teeth often do not resemble in morphology with the other teeth and are very difficult to treat, thus often extracted. To remove them, often small surgery are needed.

Wisdom teeth are removed only when they cause different problems (crowding front teeth, pain at the eruption’s site) or caries appear and can not be treated anymore. For the impacted and semi-impacted wisdom teeth a surgery in a sterile field is done, under cooling with dental saline or through piezosurgery.

Piezosurgery’s advantages are:

  • The extraction is done very quickly, painlessly, without pressure, without force from the surgeon.
  • The after surgery edema (the swell) is greatly reduced.
  • Healing is faster, piezosurgery does not harm the soft tissue (gums).
  • No more pain after surgery.

For Emergencies: (0751) 571 717 only in weekend and holidays.

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