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clinica 32 Tooth filling (tooth obturation)

Tooth filling (tooth obturation)

Direct physiognomic dental obturations or dental fillings are prosthetic restorations that are designed to restore teeth functionality and physiognomy. We are talking about physiognomic dental obturations when caries and light fractures.

Dental amalgam fillings

In the past, the material used the most in the fillings making was amalgam, and sometimes even gold. The materials were very efficient, but their aesthetics was not that good, the dental fillings being very visible. Today, caries treatment is done by minimally invasive procedures with the latest materials, that provides esthetic fillings (same color as teeth) and a high resistance. These are composite resin based physiognomic dental obturations.

Composite dental fillings

Whether it is a dental cavity or a small teeth fracture, composite dental obturations are the most suitable option. Also more and more people are using them to change the visible old and unaesthetic amalgam. The advantages of composite dental fillings: - It fixes well on the integrate dental structure, thereby preventing tooth fracture or tooth damage - The final appearance of the physiognomic dental obturations is much better than the metal fillings, having a color that adapts to the natural tooth color. - The composite fillings procedure requires only one visit to the dentist - For the amalgam fillings, the sensitivity to hot or cold is much lower - The dentist will detect secondary caries much faster, thus making possible the obturation even for the very small caries. In the amalgam’s case, the doctor must wait until the damage has increased and then intervene.

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